Why the Switch?

As stated in the “about” section of my blog, I am currently making the switch from Blogspot to WordPress. I decided to switch because I feel that WordPress has more of a professional feel and it also has more to offer. I am going to keep my old blog activated, but move the posts from the past month to this location.

I also made the switch because I wanted to snag this domain name. I worried that if I waited to open another account under this URL name it would be too late. I have an account under the name “BloggingBailee” for a journalism class and this too was another reason I became interested in WordPress.

All of this being said, I hope you enjoy this new account and give me the necessary feedback to improve my blog!

*This blog may be linked to “BloggingBailee” until the end of the semester when I will delete that particular account.

2 thoughts on “Why the Switch?

  1. Hey,
    question. I havent used wordpress before but does it allow you to have tabs that allow you to navigate to different pages? Or do you know how to do that on blogger? I’d love to have a (free) template or something that allowed me to have different pages within one blog to go to for different things and info. Also, is there a way to not have “wordpress” at the end of the url? like just have baileemorris.com or something. I mean w/out having to buy it? Also, does wordpress cost anything? Just some Q’s I had and since you switched from blogger i thought you might know.

  2. A follow up on the question you posted on my blog:

    No I do not think there is a way to have just your name on your blog’s URL. You would have to purchase a domain name to do that. Also, I haven’t figured out all of the kinks to WordPress yet, so the tab question is one I actually have myself. I’ll check into it though.

    Also, great pictures on your recent post!

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