Personality Profile Piece

Since I have decided to use this blog not only for personal use, but also for a sort of online resume package, I thought I’d start off my posting one of my stories that I recently had written. This is a personality profile piece that I wrote about a graduate student at the P.I. Reed School of Journalism. His name is Steve Butera and I got the idea from a fellow student to do this story. He then in turn gave me the idea to use a blog as a personal resume or package.


For graduate student Steve Butera, journalism is an ever-changing industry. He recognizes the demand for new and creative ways to convey the news and modifies his own production to keep up with the times.

Butera’s personality, like the journalism industry, is bouncing all over the place. His upbeat disposition and willingness to try new methods of reporting make him the great journalist that he is today. His large hand gestures and vivacious discourse display his excitement when he begins to talk about the media.

“I kind of like the more fast in-your-face, here’s a link, here’s a thought [kind of writing]. I’d rather be quick and dirty, like how broadcast people write,” Butera says. 

Butera’s commitment to the business doesn’t go unnoticed. WVU broadcast news professor Gina Dahlia says she shows dedication like no other student and this helps her immeasurably.

“I can honestly say I don’t know what I’d do without him. He loves what he does and that makes him a success,” Dahlia says.

Butera got his start in journalism when he was only in high school. Because he didn’t play sports, he felt he needed an extra-curricular activity and journalism was it. He worked for the school’s newspaper and ultimately became an editor.

“I thought being in the newspaper was kind of cool, because you got time off. It was fun,” Butera says.

Because of his father’s military career, Butera attended two different schools during his four-year high school career. He eventually started into broadcast classes when he moved to Bridgeport, West Virginia.

“At the same time, I’ve always loved something about television. I love the fact that each place is different on how they present the news,” Butera says.

Steve Butera

This led him to his next step up the journalism ladder. A high school teacher recommended him for an internship at WDTV News Channel 5 in Bridgeport and he decided to go for it. This only fueled his dedication for telling the news.

“If I wasn’t going out that night or hanging out with friends, I’d go to the TV station,” Butera says.

WVU broadcast student Erin Murray works with Butera at WDTV and says he was an inspiration for her own choice to pursue journalism.

“He by far to me is someone I look up to. [Had he not applied to graduate school] he could have easily gotten a job,” Murray says.

Murray says the two met when they began working together at the college radio station U92.

Butera’s experience in undergraduate school only grew as he became more involved with his craft. As a broadcast journalism major, he became involved in the West Virginia Uncovered Project organized by the School of Journalism professor John Temple. His work in television got Temple’s attention in a big way and he was asked to join the team.

“Me working at a TV station for eons and doing WVU News and all of that…I knew how to do that aspect, so that’s what I brought to the table,” Butera says.

Butera’s work with the West Virginia Uncovered Project also led him to realize his next big move. His broadcast-style writing background proved helpful when he began working with the project’s Twitter website. He says this was when he realized this is the journalism industry’s future.

“I think it’s actually benefitting our generation. We use Facebook. We use Twitter. We have already been connected and we know that this is the future,” Butera says.

Butera says he doesn’t think it will be difficult because everyone is already acclimated with multitasking. He says people will never move away from the Internet and that is the big reason why he is taking multimedia classes for his own personal knowledge.

This is also why he has started blogging via Butera uses one of his two blogs as an online resume that features his photos, multimedia work and writing samples. Murray says his blog is what inspired her to create one of her own.

“He was giving me the pros and cons [of blogging]. He sold the whole idea of a website to me because his was so good,” Butera says.

Butera hopes to purchase a web domain name in the future and start his own website.

Aside from being an inspiration to fellow journalism student, Butera strives to be a storyteller. He says having the facts and spreading them around makes him feel like he’s enlightened someone.

“I like being the guy who has the information; then I can spread that information to other people,” Butera says.

His dedication to telling the news cannot be ignored. Dahlia says she instantly knew he would be a great student.

“One thing I can’t teach is passion, and from day one Steve has had passion,” Dahlia says.

Steve Butera is breaking journalistic boundaries and is on the cutting edge of the industry. He not only hopes to continue to be a great journalist, but also hopes to achieve a more informal title someday.

“I’m curious. I’m nosey. I have people tell me ‘You don’t need to know this.’ I don’t care. I have to know everything,” Butera says. “I want to be a know-it-all.”

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