What is the Rush?

What’s the rush? Who are these girls? Why are they running? To answer these questions, I must first introduce the non-profit organization I will be working with this semester as part of my PR 324 class here at the P.I. Reed School of Journalism. Girls on the Run is a national organization that was founded by MSW and four-time Hawaii Ironman triathlete Molly Barker in 1996. This program is intended to help promote healthy living and fitness habits for young girls at an early age. It also provides these girls with role models who can help them make better choices throughout their lives. Not only does this program encourage healthy lifestyles, but it also helps them prepare for the 5K race that is held every year. Since I am located in Monongalia County, West Virginia, I decided to work with their chapter, which is one of 140 located around the U.S.

I had stumbled on to this organization when I was looking through a list of non-profit organizations that were listed on The Center for Civic Engagement website. I became even more interested in this organization after speaking with a friend who had been previously employed by one of the schools that hosts this organization, Brookhaven Elementary School. She said the program was designed for girls in grades 3-5 and seemed to be quite successful. I started thinking about how this program could positively affect the lives of young girls and how I have been a devoted disciple of fitness and healthy living for two years now, and I was hooked. I knew I had to get involved somehow  with this program.

So now that I’ve talked about a little bit about the program, let me finish up with a general summary of what you can expect from this blog. Although this organization will be the focus of the bulk of my entries, it won’t be the entire focus of this blog. I will be posting information about things going on in the world of public relations and news stories about the field itself. I will post writing assignments I have completed in the class and ask readers to critique my work. Feedback is essential to the functionality of a blog, so comments or questions will be encouraged. Finally I hope to present some information to you, the reader, that can help you get involved in your community and with this organization. It’s a great program and can always use extra help.

I hope you enjoy this blog and encourage everyone to visit my personal blog that deals with healthy living as well.

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