Lend a Helping Hand

I must first start out by tipping my hat to those who so courageously fight the cold by gearing up and running through campus. These people are the true runners and will never have a full understanding of what it’s like to have that kind of motivation. Although today’s weather isn’t particularly inspiring, receiving information about the upcoming “Girls on the Run” season seems to do the trick.

When I last left you, I was discussing the world of PR from a company and political standpoint. I would now like to shift my attention to the realm of PR that I feel is very important to our society. This is of course the non-profit realm. As mentioned in my first blog entry, I’ve been in touch with the GOTR of Monongalia County director Laurie Abildso and she’s been kind enough to provide me with information on what they need to get ready for their season. GOTR is now recruiting coaches. They still need two coaches for the Brookhaven Elementary School for the Tuesday and Thursday slot from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. They are also recruiting participants. Of course these young girls will need some serious fuel for their workouts, so snack donations will be requested as well. These snacks must be healthy, store-bought and individually packaged. However snacks alone won’t do these girls much good if they don’t have a “running buddy”. According to the email I received from Laurie, each of the girls participating in the end-of-the-season 5K is paired up with an adult female running buddy. This is a volunteer position that requires them to run or walk the race with them and offer some serious encouragement. “Way to go!” and “Keep it up!” are phrases greatly appreciated. Finally the program is asking for “SoleMates” charity runners. These are volunteers who raise money for the GOTR council through participating in a race of their choice. It is important to remember this program is a non-profit, so it can always use an extra hand.

I hope all of you reading this will consider helping out this organization or consider helping out any non-profit in your community. It’s very important to keep these types of programs running because they do make a difference. For more information please visit the Monongalia County GOTR website.

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