Oscar Curse

I would like to start out by saying I am fully prepared to take whatever criticism I get for posting this. However, I feel this controversial point should be raised.

According to an entertainment report on today’s episode of The Today Show, it was noted that nearly every woman who has won an Oscar for best leading lady has split up with her significant other. Among the list was Kate Winslet, Halle Berry and recently,  Hollywood’s girl-next-door, Sandra Bullock.

As shown in the video linked above, one source denies it being some kind of “Oscar Curse” and claims that it is obviously an upset happening to couples who have been married or together for five years or less. The source goes on to say that it isn’t uncommon for marriages to go through struggles within the first few years. The report also mentions that these women all share the same power within Hollywood and are usually working the majority of the time. So could this be a case of threatened men?

Without being too harsh on either party of these Hollywood splits, I feel that it is fair to point out that any relationship that experiences periods of distance is up against a possible myriad of obstacles. It takes great dedication and really a certain level of selflessness to participate in such relationships. My guess is that these men had trouble dealing with the fact that their wives were working all the time. I don’t think it is as much of a power struggle or jealousy as it is simply the fact of these actresses having their Hollywood cake and eating it too. (I apologize for the cliché.) What I mean by this is that many of these actresses marry men they can have “normal” lives with. The disconnect, however, lies within their ability to balance making blockbuster hits and spending time with their spouses. To break it down even more, I feel that these women may be getting pressure to choose one or the other.

As I formerly stated, I am somewhat familiar with the female societal struggles, thanks to my women’s studies course. I have studied in many history classes that the roles of women didn’t begin to change until sometime in the 1950s and ’60s. With this sort of information, it isn’t so surprising that the idea of women placing relationships before work is still somewhat of a norm. Now I don’t want to appear that I’m claiming these husbands of Hollywood were forcing their successful wives to give up their fame to put emphasis back on their home life, but I do feel that this common theme of “Oscar splits” is connected to something. I think it goes without saying that the same could happen to men, however due to our still somewhat constricting societal roles, women tend to be more comfortable with their spouses having the spotlight than men do.

This is only a theory that by no means applies to everyone. In fact there are plenty of successful Hollywood marriages that survive with the spotlight being placed on the female partner. I just think that perhaps society still views women as domestic creatures that shouldn’t put the majority of their attention on their careers. Of course this is only a speculation, because for all I know, these Oscar-winning women could be real pains to live with, but I still felt the issue of balance for women should be highlighted.

Take what you want from this and please feel free to comment or criticize. I usually feel uncomfortable posting such bold issues, but in this case, as a young women getting ready to enter into the real world of work, I feel it is important to explore all of its territories. It is important for young women like myself to have a total understanding of the demands of balancing a successful career and our relationships.

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