2010 Symbol of an Idea

I follow a PR blog called “Bite Marks” which is published by the wonderfully witty people at Bite Communications. One of the things I enjoy the most about their blogs is that they are always written by different employees. This gives such a great variety of information and really gives a lot of people in the company a chance to let their voice be heard.

Recently I read a blog entry that really sparked my interest.  David Ketchum wrote a blog entry about the symbol for inspiration. He talked about how traditionally the symbol of the lightbulb had always been linked to inspiration or of a “Eureka!” moment. He even makes note that when he searches for clip art in relation to the concept of an “idea”, lightbulbs are always top of the list. He brings up an interesting point about how for decades this former modern marvel has remained unchanged (with the exception of energy-saving bulbs) and how it is time for a new symbol.

So what should the new symbol of an idea be? When we think about great innovations of the 21st century, dozens of products and inventions come to mind. It seems that it changes daily. Just when I get used to the idea of an iPhone, the iPad comes out. Just when I’m adjusting to the advertising benefits of Facebook, Twitter trumps it. In this day of constant change and speed, how can we really come up with an icon that truly fits the concept? Well as Ketchum says, perhaps a modification of the lightbulb would be appropriate. Perhaps making it an LED lightbulb would bring it more up to speed, so to speak. I think it’s much bigger than that, though. I haven’t the support to back that statement up, however I’m very open to suggestions.

So let me know what you think the new symbol of inspiration should be. We may never find anything as groovy as the black and white iPod dancer symbol, but perhaps we can figure something out.

**If you’re searching for a blog to follow, Bite Marks is the perfect place to start. The link to Bite Communications is available on my main page and I urge anyone interested to check it out. They’re very hip and ahead of their time.