BBC News

I have recently discovered the magical world of BBC World News. On WNPB, Comcast channel 8, at 6:00p.m. every weeknight, I can enjoy the BBC World Evening News. Move over Katie Couric.

The BBC World News not only features amazing stories from around the globe, but also gives the viewers a more in-your-face version. If you want to see the riots in Thailand, you’ve got it. Want to know how Gordon Brown feels about the Tory? Then BBC News online is right for you.

I’d always heard that European news outlets were much better at providing broad coverage, but I had no idea how much it triumphed our news outlets here in the states. Now I’m not trying to put down NBC or the other major networks, but after seeing just how much Rupert Murdoch owned here in the U.S., I realized that many of us are getting a slanted version of what’s going on. (Plus the British accents put me in the mood for a big cup of Earl Grey.)

So although this is a short post, I hope everyone checks out the BBC World News online or watch it weekdays at 6:00p.m. on Comcast channel 8.

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