Summer Internships

Well I’ve finally finished up the semester and now I can finally read and blog for fun again. I finished with a 3.5, which wasn’t what I would have hoped for, but was fine. I must say that nobody said taking 18 credit hours, volunteering and assisting a professor with her dissertation would be easy! However it was a great semester, nonetheless, and I am very sad to say that I will never again be considered a full-time undergraduate student.

So now it’s time for the real world. The real world for me is working two 20-hour-a-week internships this summer and hopefully doing the same in the fall on top of my capstone course. Luckily my capstone, which involves health PR, will be held at night, leaving me plenty of time for work. The two internships I will be working with are West Virginia University Extension Services and the P.I. Reed School of Journalism. They both involve a lot of multimedia work and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. So everyone understands each internship, I’ll provide a few details regarding what each specializes in and what I’ll be doing.

WVU Extension Services

Extension services works with the West Virginia 4-H programs and highlights the way it changes the lives of its members. Extension also helps develop family and health programs for the state, which provide residents with more satisfying lives. Another great part of this organization is its agricultural and natural resource education. This is a great help to the many farmers here in West Virginia. Finally, the part of the organization that hits home for me is its work with WVU Jackson’s Mill, located in my hometown of Weston. Basically, what I’ll be doing is helping to create multimedia projects, or videos, showcasing what’s going on this summer with not only the camps, but the programs in general. I’ll be working with a partner and expect we’ll have quite a fun summer.

P.I. Reed School of Journalism

This journalism school has been functioning since 1939 and is a student-centered journalism school. This basically means that it is a very hands-on school, where the students are encouraged to do as much with their craft on campus as possible. This includes writing for the student newspapers such as The Daily Athenaeum and the newly established Mountaineer Jeffersonian, working at the student radio station U92, and jumping on every internship opportunity available. In-school projects are also highly encouraged. One of the most hands-on projects at the school is West Virginia Uncovered, which “was created to cultivate online innovation and storytelling among the Mountain State’s community newspapers.” Now it is a great project that allows students to go out into the towns of West Virginia and tell some amazing stories, be it through print, photography or even video. Over my four years at the school I’ve asked several people what exactly they do in Uncovered and each person has a very different answer. This project gives each student a unique experience with the stories they choose to tell.

Besides offering a very rounded out curriculum, the students at the SOJ have the opportunity to join one of the many clubs catered to each major. For example, I chose the Society of Professional Journalists my freshman year of college and stayed involved until last year. With this organization I had the opportunity to go to Detroit and Pittsburgh for the club’s yearly regional conference. I had the chance to network with some big businesses and made a few friends. I was also lucky enough to build life-long friendships with a lot of the fellow club-members and even got my first long-term job working with the group’s advisor, Bonnie Stewart. Whenever I meet anyone interested in attending WVU or even the SOJ, I always encourage them to join a club, because the benefits are endless.

With this internship I’ll be traveling to four major cities: Chicago, NYC, Charleston, and Washington D.C. In these cities I’ll be working with a partner, collecting interviews to take home for editing. These interviews will be with WVU SOJ Alum and will hopefully be featured on the SOJ website. With all of my multimedia work this summer, I’ll be lucky if I ever watch television again!

So this is a rough summary of what my summer is going to look like. Of course I have a few fun trips planned with my boyfriend Alex, like an Alan Jackson concert and a trip to St. Augustine with his family in July. I’ll also hopefully be going back to the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament in August and back to Point Pleasant for the Mothman Festival in September. Who said growing up has to be a drag?

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