New Job

Well, I’ve officially survived my first day. I am now a working gal living in Morgantown. I must say, although I’m sitting here blogging from my work desk, my day was pretty productive.

When I first got here, I reviewed Extension’s website. I familiarized myself with its content, only to learn it would be changing soon. I then began reviewing the multiple styles of the press releases sent out. This didn’t seem like much at first, but later when I began writing, I learned quickly how important the proper formats were.

After this a fellow survivor of media ethics (joking, of course) came in. Her name is Paige Lavender, which I find to be a very nice name. She said she had been working here for quite some time now and is leaving in a few weeks for a study abroad program in London. She is one of the many students I’ve interacted with this semester who are going to be traveling abroad this summer. After she and I chatted for some time, lunch was just around the corner.

Being the boring pescatarian that I am, I packed lentils and 1/2 a piece of pita bread for lunch. Of course I’m sure I’m the only employee here that finds the kitchen area to be the most fascinating room in the building. I guess it makes it feel official. You are officially employed when you have access to a coffee pot.

After lunch I received my first assignment via email from one of my superiors, Florita Montgomery. She assigned me the task of rewriting two releases that will be sent out to various media outlets. Thankfully I had plenty of time to complete this task, because I must admit that it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. When you stop writing releases, or any news articles for that matter, you tend to get rusty. It just happens. So once I refreshed my AP style memory, I was in PR mode.

So now here I sit snacking on trail mix and staring out the window at a town that looks much different to me now. Even though I am returning in the fall for one final class, I sort of feel like I’m seeing Morgantown through a different pair of eyes. Now it doesn’t seem so much like a college town. (This could be because there isn’t bumper-to-bumper traffic composed of loud, swearing college students.) Now it sort of feels a little more like the town I’m settling in to. Neat-o.

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