First Interview of the Summer

Today is shaping up to be such a great Friday. My 2010 WVU Alumni Road Tour partner Corey Preece and I completed our first interview of the tour here in Morgantown this morning. Our subject was Lauren O’Connor and her Great Dane, Harley. Lauren is the founder of Driving for Danes and Harley is her inspiration. Weighing in at a little over 100 lbs and standing just below my waist, Harley is hands down one of the cutest “big” dogs I’ve ever encountered. The photo below should provide an appropriate scale to illustrate how big he is.

To sum up most of what will be featured in the interview, I’ll start by introducing her organization. Driving for Danes is a campaign designed by Lauren to raise money for Great Danes and animal rescue. She started her adventure in March of this year by traveling all around the country trying to raise awareness about the issues involved with puppy mills and animal protection. With her faithful companion by her side or rather in the roomy backseat of her SUV, Lauren has traveled to a variety of different states preaching the word of proper animal treatment. Each trip she takes gets her one step closer to her $100,000 goal.

With any luck, we should have our video up and ready to present sometime next week and we should also have a blog for anyone who wants to follow our tour as well. Corey and I plan to hit Washington D.C. on June 23rd-25th, so much work must be done until then to prepare. As soon as we have everything ready, I will post a link on not only this blog, but also my Facebook and Twitter pages. Until then, please check out Lauren’s blog and if you have any money to spare, donate to her cause. Information is available on the blog. Here are a few more pictures from the interview today.




One thought on “First Interview of the Summer

  1. Good article Bailee. My sister had a great dane several years ago and it was just like having a small horse in the house. I think Harley weighs more than you.

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