Writing for Her Campus

Well, as some of you may know, I’ve been writing for an online magazine called Her Campus. It’s this amazing online publication that features articles and information about topics like health, fashion, and pretty much anything else that can affect or interest college girls. Let me give you some background on this website and how it came to be…

Her Campus is an online magazine that delivers college-to-college content to its readers through the nation’s top college journalists. It provides a variety of useful information for college girls and gives those who write for it a chance to express themselves. With nearly 60  schools participating, this online magazine continues to grow in popularity.

“Founded by three students while they were undergraduates at Harvard—Stephanie Kaplan ‘10, Windsor Hanger ‘10, and Annie Wang ‘11—Her Campus was a winner in Harvard College’s business plan competition, the i3 Innovation Challenge, in March 2009. Since Her Campus’s launch in September 2009, Her Campus has formed content partnerships with Seventeen magazine and The Huffington Post and formed marketing partnerships with brands including New Balance, Juicy Couture, Rent the Runway, and Lauren Merkin.”

Now, I fit in the picture because WVU is one of the participating schools and I wanted to write. Plain and simple. I love WVU and I love to write, so now I have the chance. (Plus getting a byline doesn’t suck either.)  Although I stay busy with my capstone course, work and volunteering for GOTR, this gives me something fun to do on the side and doesn’t require my brain to work overtime. Plus, I really love being a part of something so fun and great for college girls.

So now that I’ve shared, here is a link to the site. Check it out and let me know what you think. I really felt like this was the perfect way to end my four years here at WVU.

One thought on “Writing for Her Campus

  1. Read your article, very well written and informative as always. One of these days when you have a byline for a large magazine I can “hey I know that girl and always knew she’d make it big someday.”

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