To Delete, or Not to Delete

Lately I’ve been reviewing my daily routine. It goes a little something like this:

Morning: Wake up at 6:30AM, put in contacts and have a cup of coffee. Prepare breakfast and watch television for 20 minutes or so. Continue getting ready for work by showering and then listening to 101.9’s The Eric and Kevin Show while putting my on my face. Head to work and do the unthinkable…check my Facebook account.

Afternoon: Finish up morning tasks and head downstairs to the break room for lunch. Discuss the day’s crossword puzzle with coworkers and then head back up for yet another Facebook check.

Evening: Head home either on the PRT on in my car and hit the couch, potato style. Flip open my laptop and guess what…check my Facebook account.

Now to most people, this doesn’t seem that uncommon. However, for me, it seems a little out of control. I cannot say that I’m thrilled with the fact that I’m one of those people who continually checks her Facebook home page for Harold’s latest Youtube discovery or for Ruby’s new puppy pics. I’m definitely not happy to admit that I do find myself mindlessly browsing page after page of Donna Sue’s cousin’s fiance’s pictures from her days at WVU. (Gotta love the handy “friends in common” feature.)

So what the heck should I do? On one hand I do love posting interesting news articles and photos I’ve found while browsing the net, but I don’t like how easily I get sucked into checking someone’s relationship status. (Why are things always “complicated” and why do friends “marry” friends?) I do love that I can share photos of my family’s crazy cat collection back home with the three people out there who actually care to see them. However I am growing increasingly sick of nude baby photos popping up on my home page with cutsie titles like, “Baby’s First Experiment With Being an Exhibitionist!” I like that if someone needs to reach me in a pinch, they can simply shoot me an email through Facebook’s handy email application. However, I do hate that people constantly flood my inbox with invitations to the latest blood drive. (Small veins=multiple pokes=Bailee unconscious on the floor. Get the memo.) Finally, and probably most surprisingly, I don’t actually mind that my mother is on Facebook, along with most of her friends. In fact, that aspect gives me a sense of comfort. You see, now instead of doing the step-by-step, over-the-phone instructions for showing my mother my blog or a funny cat video on Youtube, I can simply post them straight to her Facebook wall. However, I do not like that she uses a picture of high school Bailee (chubby, bad hair, total geek factor) for her profile photo. Oh well.

So that is my dilemma. Do I pull the plug on Mark Zuckerberg’s greatest creation, or do I simply try to limit myself to checking it once a week? In the wise words of The Hill’s star Justin Bobby, “Only truth and time will tell.”

Oh and I have every intention of posting this very write-up on my Facebook wall.

One thought on “To Delete, or Not to Delete

  1. My theory is that it is only Facebook,soon to be replaced by something else-so enjoy it. Continue to be the voyeur that we have all become in each other’s lives!

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