Renewing that Resolution

The sun is out and although it can prove to be a bit deceiving in regards to the temperature, it means we are slowly making our way out of winter and into spring. For a lot of people, this means gearing up for vacation or doing a little cleaning. For those who are getting ready to book a flight to Florida for a week, combining the two by “sprucing up” the old fitness routine might be on the agenda. This could mean renewing those vows we all took on New Year’s Eve to “honor and obey thy diet and exercise resolution.” Whatever the reason, March is the absolute perfect time to jump-start all of the health and wellness promises we made to ourselves so many months ago. Here’s why:

  1. March is three months away from the beginning of the dreaded bikini season. If you look at any fitness plan out there, 2-3 months is the perfect window for getting in shape. It also allows three steady stages of development for those new to working out.
  2. It’s starting to stay lighter longer. In only one short week, we’ll all push our clocks forward an hour, maximizing daylight hours. Plus, we all get a little more motivated to get active when the weather starts to improve.
  3. The best tasting fruits and veggies start coming into season, making it easier to opt for a healthy meal. When it’s cold out, nobody dreams of curling up at home with a bowl of salad, but when it gets warmer, the thought of slurping down a hot bowl of soup seems less than appealing. Not sure what is in season? Check out the Fruits & Veggies More Matters website for the best season to buy your favorites.

Remember, the earlier you start gearing up for bikini season, the easier it will be to make small adjustments before a trip to the beach.


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