One day last week, I headed over to Starbucks to get some much-needed writing done. While there, I battled the distractions of the ridiculous babblings of two hospital workers while spending nearly twenty minutes trying to get through the third paragraph of one of my articles. Not only did I learn that the mother of one of the middle-aged workers actively checked her granddaughter’s Facebook for signs of drug use, but also that these two were active Weight Watcher’s members. Luckily the conversation quickly transitioned from hyper-paranoid Facebook grannies to a new iPad and iPhone application that helps diet and exercisers log their food and exercise.

The “app” is called My Fitness Pal and is also available online for those without such gadgets.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for free on the website or simply download the app on iTunes
  2. Upon signing up, you will be asked for your current weight, how active you are and what your goal weight would be
  3. From there you simply add whatever foods you consume for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and the application will actually determine the calories (with your help of ciphering through the servings, brands, etc) you have consumed
  4. The same applies to your workout routine and even your water consumption
  5. The best part of the whole application is that it actually subtracts your calories as you log cardiovascular exercises
  6. At the end of the day, you can go back in and see how much sodium, sugar, carbs, etc. you have consumed, giving you a better idea of what foods you should be eating and which you should stay away from

This application lists your calorie goal, how much you have consumed, a net amount to accommodate your fitness log, and how many calories you have left for the day. It essentially takes the hassle out of old-fashioned calorie counting and logging.

Below are some PRTSC shots I’ve taken from my online profile to give you a better idea of how it works. (Click to enlarge.)

This is what your food diary would look like. Note the tabs below each section that allow you to add foods.

This helps you keep track of how much water you consume.

Here is the table that displays your nutritional consumption.

So go ahead and check out this amazing application online or at your iTunes store. I promise it will not just help you manage a healthy diet, but will also help you become more aware of what you consume on a day-to-day basis!

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