Giant Zucchini

A few weeks ago my Mom brought me a few cucumbers from her garden and quite possibly the biggest zucchini I’d ever seen. I didn’t snap a photo of it, but think the Goodyear Blimp. After I brought it home, I spent a good five minutes figuring out how to fit the thing in my refrigerator and another five minutes considering all of the ways I could take out an attacker with the darn thing. Finally, I knew what had to be done.

Yesterday, I sliced it up into five big pieces, freezing four, and decided to grill the remaining chunk. Today, I decided I tackle the beast. I fired up the stove top grill and chucked the zucchini on. Unfortunately, due to..well me being dumb, I let it get too hot and filled my tiny apartment with smoke. Aside from some angry cats, the zucchini grilled up marvelously.

I tossed it with some white kidney beans (cannellini beans) and brown rice and set aside from lunch tomorrow. For dinner, I decided to toss together a quick and easy Greek salad using the remaining beans, one of mom’s cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and some red onion. Of course I threw in extra garlic and feta cheese to make it really delicious. Since the grill was still hot, I cut a pita in half and got left some killer grill marks!

My coffee table often doubles as a dining room table.

After I devoured my dinner, I chowed down on some Kashi Go Lean cereal and Greek yogurt with raspberries. To finish off my perfect meal, I brewed some of the most delicious tea I’ve ever had.

This tea literally tastes like a big piece of chocolate.

I strongly urge any chocolate fan to rush out and buy this tea immediately. You won’t regret it. In fact, I’d like to formally make this my Healthy Choice of the Day. Well, this moment and my display of willpower today when two giant cakes were left in the break room for employee sampling.

Anyone else as crazy for chocolate as I am?

**Photo of tea courtesy of

Although this entry doesn’t have direct advice on health and wellness, I hope it does provide someone a little inspiration to pass up on that candy bar and opt for a delicious, healthy cup of tea!

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