Heading to Cincinnati

Well today is the end of the week for me. I’m heading off to Cincinnati tomorrow with Alex for the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament we go to every year. This year will be a treat, because the women are playing there as well. It will also be a treat because we got night match tickets, so we won’t have to deal with the heat…unless someone awesome is playing. 🙂

Trip excitement aside, I met my 39 mile goal and have already set up a new distance and date. By September 20th, I’d like to be at 75 miles. This will bring my distance to Rome, NY to 390 miles. I’m falling a little behind schedule, so I hope to pick things up later this fall.

Since today is technically my blogging Friday, I’ll leave you with the Yoga Move of the Week:

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

  1. Lie on your belly while your head rests on your lower arms.
  2. Raise your forehead, look upwards and stretch your hands backwards. Let your weight rest on your chest.
  3. The head falls a little backwards towards your back and the backward movement proceeds from the neck and the chin. Move your belly further backward as if someone is pulling your arms. The weight is more and more shifted towards the belly and the lower back does the real work.
  4. If you cannot raise your chest any further, put your hands and arms next to your chest on the mat without losing the bend. Stretch your arms so that they stand perpendicular on the floor and at the same time turn your arms a little inward. Relax your lower back and bear your weight with your arms.
  5. The buttock muscles remain relaxed during the exercise. Move your chest further upwards with every breathing out. Do this in a relaxed way instead of using force. You can tilt your head back. The shoulders are broad in front and the shoulder blades remain low.
This pose helps relieve stress and is great for stretching the shoulders, back, and chest.
My Healthy Choice of the Day: Spending 20 minutes warming up on the elliptical instead jumping right into my strength training.
I’ll also leave you with a picture of my deliciously green lunch today.

Leftover Zucchini and Spinach Gratin with cucumber slices and roasted broccoli left me full and focused.

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