Trail VS Treadmill

When I get off work, I’m usually either plotting a scheme to get out of my workout or I’m trying to decide between the treadmill and the trail. Both are equally close to my house and require equal amount of driving or chatting and outfit changing. I feel like I drive myself crazy trying to decide between the two and almost always end up talking myself out of going all together. This is why I’ve created my very own Decision Tree to aid in the decision-making process. I started by making a handy Pro/Con list (see below) and then completed a detailed analysis of each to help determine which paths to create. It actually took more time than I had planned, but it forced me to think about each route in great detail.

                           Pros                                                                                      Cons
M Trail – nature, fresh air, animal sightings PC Trail – dirt and rocks getting in my shoes
P Treadmill – bathroom/water cooler accessible PE Treadmill – constant 75 degree temperature
TPC Trail – better on muscles for 5K training C Trail – bugs (I’m a mouth breather)
P Treadmill – monitors speed, distance, etc CM Treadmill – crowded at times
CP Trail – less distracting CM Trail – crowded at times
MC Treadmill – television view and iPad friendly CM Treadmill – running in place
M Trail – great for running with a friend T Trail – time constraints (No running after dark!)
P Treadmill – good for working on stride C Treadmill – odorous gym-goers
T Trail – less packing involved E Trail – potential for attacker or creeper encounters
PEC Treadmill – access to other machines/weights EC Treadmill – manual speed/incline adjustments
**E Trail – possible Bigfoot encounter **E Trail – possible Bigfoot encounter

M = mood   P = performance   T = time   C = concentration   E = energy levels

**Can I outrun Bigfoot?

As you can see, I have quite an extensive and diverse list. On top of this list, I had to carefully consider other contributing factors, such as mood, weather (not listed), and energy levels. For example, if the forecast gives me around 30 to 40 minutes before a storm or bad weather is supposed to hit, I must examine my energy levels to ensure I don’t bite off more than I can chew. (This rarely happens since I usually keep my cardio between 30 and 35 minutes.) I also tried to factor in trail location. I usually run on the one near my house, however some days I like to hit my all-time favorite spot on Goshen Road. On these occasions, running plans must be made the day before, as this trail is on my route home from work. This requires changing at my work facility and packing extra water.

So here is my finished product. Maybe it will help some of you decide between a run indoors and a run in the elements.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: My healthy choice today actually doubled as my delicious choice of the day (thus far). I tried an Amy’s Kitchen Spinach and Feta hot pocket and loved every bite. (I had a picture but forgot to save it.) If you find yourself struggling to find healthy, vegetarian options that are quick, easy, and microwave friendly, try anything from the Amy’s Kitchen collection.

“We didn’t set out to become the nation’s leading natural frozen food brand. All we wanted to do was create a business that would allow us to earn a living by providing convenient and tasty natural vegetarian meals for people like ourselves, who appreciated good food, but were often too busy to cook “from scratch.” -Rachel and Andy Berliner of Amy’s Kitchen

Also, if you are interested, their daughter, Amy, has a great blog I follow. Check it out!