Repeat Offender

**This post was intended for publication 8-26-11
 This week I’ve not only eaten out three (soon to be four) different times, but after tonight, I will have eaten at two of the restaurants twice! Lira and Muriale’s can have my wallet!

On Monday I met with two of my dear friends from high school at Muriale’s in Fairmont. We spent nearly two hours catching up and somehow managed to turn down dessert. After dinner, I ran to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for an easy cookie recipe I picked up on PB Fingers. I needed a fast recipe because the goods had to be ready for work the next day. I used confetti cake mix and dumped white chocolate chips in to make a ridiculously sweet treat.

Box Cake Cookies:

  • 1 box of cake mix
  • ¼ cup of oil
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 1 egg

On Wednesday, I had plans to meet one of my other friends from high school at the Morgantown restaurant Lira. She brought a mutual friend, so we decided to get a variety of the tapas style dishes they serve. We got brie cheese purses, cheese fondue, pork tips with brown rice, eggplant parmesan, pierogies, and a large Caesar salad to split. It sounds like a lot, but the portions are perfect. We each had a bite and felt completely satisfied by the end. I also love this place because the menu is so diverse. Where else can you find zucchini ratatouille, Hungarian meatballs, and Belgian-style mussels on the same menu? They also earn points for putting Mint Julep on their cocktails list!

Today for lunch, it was back to Muriale’s to celebrate my birthday with my parents and my boyfriend. They were kind enough to drive up from their home in Roanoke, WV and my bf from Morgantown just to have lunch with me. We pigged out and I went back to work with full gut. Now I’m gearing up for my next big meal back at Lira with the bf solo. I’m not even sure what I’ll get, but I know it will be delicious.

Photo Courtesy of Women's Health via Yahoo.

Since its Friday, I’m not sure I’ll be posting anything new. I’ve got major cleaning to do and hope to have a little time to prepare a delicious Zucchini and Spinach Gratin to have for lunch next week. With you I’ll leave the Yoga Pose of the Week.

Namaskarasana or “Prayer Squat”:

  1. From standing, squat down until your tailbone hovers above the ground.
  2. Place elbows on knees and bring hands to prayer position.
  3. Close eyes, if possible, and breathe 4-8 deep breaths.

This position is great for opening the hips, improves balance, and helps with concentration.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: Allowing myself to indulge all day today in whatever birthday treats I want. (Chocolate covered fruit for breakfast, anyone?)