Instant Pumpkin Mousse

As October rapidly approaches, I find myself going bonkers for cinnamon, pumpkin and caramel flavors. A few weeks ago, I purchased a large can of instant pumpkin pie to make a PBFingers original Pumpkin Spice Cookie recipe. Since I had more pumpkin than the recipe called for, I stored half for my own personal snacking. Again, being inspired by PBFingers Julie, I threw a spoonful (or three) into my oatmeal every morning. It was like eating dessert for breakfast!

One evening, after jonesing majorly for some frozen yogurt, I decided to try something new. I had a cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt in my refrigerator and just enough pumpkin mixture left to make a fast and easy Pumpkin Mousse. I simply combined the pumpkin, some cinnamon, a little Splenda, and my Greek yogurt into a freezer-safe container. I popped it in the freezer for about 10 minutes (although it could have stayed in longer). When I took it out, it was a wonderful, thick consistency and even caused my boyfriend’s head to turn. I let him try the first bite and was shocked to get his approval.  (Side note: When I make a traditional dish healthy and Alex says it’s good, that means I’ll love it.) When it was my turn to dig in, I was so pleased to find it tasted as close to the real deal as I’ve ever had. It still had a bit of a tang from the Greek yogurt, but the cinnamon and pumpkin flavors really complimented everything well. Mmm..

A quick word of advice: If you are planning on incorporating pumpkin into your meals for the next few months, head to the store now and stock up. Pumpkin goes very fast in the fall and will be impossible to find closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Trust me, you’ll be glad you stocked up when you start hearing women complaining about it!

So here is what you need for a fast and easy homemade Pumpkin Mousse:

  • Cinnamon spice
  • Plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Can of pumpkin pie mix or plain pumpkin
  • Splenda or other sweetener
  • Pumpkin pie spice, if you go with the plain pumpkin

I suggest for a single serving of yogurt only adding two or three spoon-fulls of pumpkin and test the flavor as you add your sweetener. You might find you prefer it a little more tangy.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: Hopping back on the treadmill after a quick stint on the elliptical. Originally, I had only cranked out 2 miles due to sore legs, but after my switch of machine,  I managed to jump back on to finish another half  mile. I only accomplished 2.5 miles of my goal today, but because I listened to my body, I’ll have the strength to meet my goal by next Tuesday!

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