Cheese and Fruit: What a Pear

^^^See what I did there? All joking aside, cheese and fruit really are the spice of life. In fact the combination made its way into my heart just two short years ago. Alex and I were at the Glasshouse Grille here in Morgantown for dinner and we were nibbling on our usual cheese tray appetizer. I decided to take some of the brie and spread it on a pear slice. I was an instant believer. Since I don’t have the digestive tract income to support my fancy cheese habit, I decided to sub in The Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese for my version of this wonderful snack.

A pear with a wedge of cheese is always more filling than I expect.

Tasty snacks aside, it’s now time for the bad news. Due to improper timing and a conflicting schedule, I was not able to meet my 75-mile goal by September 20th. I was 2.90 miles shy, however I’m not dwelling on it. In fact, I’m overlooking this small setback and reveling in my 4 mile run glory. On Monday evening, in a feeble attempt to meet my deadline, I finished my first 4 mile run in 39.23 minutes. I wasn’t out to break a speed record or anything, but the fact that I accomplished this first more than made up for the loss of the September 20th goal.

For next month, I’d like to have 115 miles locked down by October 26th so my map route looks better than this.

091911Running to Rome

Sorry such a short entry, but there will be a lot more to come.