Would You Like Mung with That?

Salamu! (Kenyan for “Greetings”)
Yesterday my friend Brianna and I tried the Morgantown-based Kenyan Café, located in Chelsea Square. We were in the mood to try something new, so since this place was recommended to me by my Girls on the Run ladies, Jeanette and Laurie, we headed straight in. Neither of us knew the first thing about Kenyan cuisine, so we launched into our usual round of questions directed towards the waitress. She was kind enough to have the chef or owner (or both!) help us out. I selected the ugali with egg and cabbage, while Brianna picked the mong (mung) beans and rice.

Mung Bean

We found out that mung beans are a type of green bean (not the traditional French kind) was packed full of protein and vitamins. This Indian-domesticated bean looked remarkably like a lentil and tasted a lot like one too. When germinated, the mung bean transforms into a delicious sprout that is often used in Japanese and Korean dishes. Yum!

Mung Bean Sprouts
The dish I selected reminded me a lot of polenta, except much more dense and sticky. Ugali is made from combining maize flour cooked to a porridge consistency and is often paired with a sauce or liquid-based mixture in which it is dipped. My cabbage and egg mixture was actually more to my taste than the ugali itself; however I would highly recommend this dish.

After we devoured our food and raved about it for 20+ minutes, I told Brianna about my idea for yet another (but final) blog name. I expressed to her my need for a more unique and personal name and she agreed that “Living Well” was (in my words, not hers) a bit dull. She approved of the name I’d selected and even loved the philosophy behind it. We both agreed that I should consider purchasing a domain name or going through WordPress.org for added security and that I needed to add a few features to help take my blog to the next level. So in the next few weeks, you can except to find the following:

  • New blog name
  • Recipe section
  • Yoga pose section
  • “Philosophy Behind the Name” section

I want to assure you that the content and general theme WILL NOT change. (I do hope you all continue to read my blog!!) I only want a new name so it will be easier for people to remember it and that it hopefully will attract new readers. I’m also hoping the domain name will alleviate the complicated .wordpress addition to the URL.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit the Kenyan Café in Chelsea Square!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: If you don’t have time for a workout, try squeezing in one of these exercises while you’re heading out to run your errands.

**Photos courtesy of Dreamstime.com