Broccoli Slaw Salad

Well so far I’ve made a small, but significant amount of progress with my blog rename project. On top of this seemingly easy project, I’ve decided to buy a domain name for the new blog name so I can omit the .wordpress from my URL. I’ve already selected the blog name and have checked it’s availability on Go Daddy. (I’m so glad I finally know what that website specializes in.) Right now the URL is a bit long, so I’m trying a few different combinations to shorten it.

In other news, my tummy is hurtin’ today from all of the game-day foods I indulged in over the weekend. When I actually looked back at what I had, it didn’t seem that bad, but my stomach sure looks like it disapproves. I decided to start my day out right with my go-to one egg/one egg white combo, over easy, with a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin. Eggs always stay with me longer than cereal or oatmeal, so I try to eat them on days I know I won’t get my second breakfast at work. Unfortunately without this 10am back up, I got ridiculously hungry at 11:30am and started in on my lunch.

Lunch 09-26-11 001Lunch 09-26-11 002

I have tried for months to buy lettuce to put in my salads, but for the life of me I can’t get into this salad staple. I’m fine at restaurants when I order salads, but for whatever reason, my homemade salads with lettuce gag me. Spinach isn’t as bad, but sometimes I get a slimy piece that puts me over the edge. I’ve been reading on PBFingers blog that she uses a broccoli slaw in place of her lettuce sometimes and that it adds such a nice crunch. I decided to do this today and found the switch to be right up my alley! I’m sold.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: Joining Alex for nice run after my 7 day hiatus after my back issue. (I’ll save that gem for another time.)