First 5K

My apologies for the blogging absence lately! I’ve been a little dry in the writing department and have tried to take a few days off to rejuvenate my brain.

I guess I should start with what I’ve been up to lately. A little over a week ago, I decided to run the Snowflake Sprint coming up this December. I have never attempted one, but have always thought it would be something fun. As you know, I’ve been running 3-4 times per week since July 4th and have started to feel more confident in my ability every day. All of these factors, along with some encouragement from friends, has solidified my decision to enter the December 4th 5K race. (Below illustrates my conversation with Alex about my decision.)

Yes Dear

I should first clarify that I’m not running for time, but rather for fun. I’ve heard the first 5K should be a fun experience and the ones to follow should focus on personal time and stamina goals. This is fine by me! Although I’m semi-training for the race, I’m very glad I’m not doing a full-blown training schedule to improve my time. In fact, I’ve been doing a very, very modified version of this 5K training plan. (Plan thanks to Julie from PBFingers!)

Even though I’m now focusing on the upcoming race, I’m still hoping to continue my Running to Rome journey. I’m very behind due to lower back issues (stay tuned for my advice on visiting a chiropractor) and, well, life, however I’m still hoping to finish my distance in 7-8 months. (Cat Hair in my Coffee, anyone?)

To wrap up, I need to share something I’ve discovered: Oikos Traditional Greek Yogurt Key Lime Pie flavor. Yum-o. What goes great with this deliciocity in a cup? Roasted almonds!


Seriously, try this stuff. It’s dessert in a cup.

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