Christmas Coffee

Today’s rainy weather seemed to have everyone craving soup. Well, at least that’s what happened with me. I picked up a carton of V8 Potato and Leek soup from Walmart several weeks ago and decided to keep it in my cube for days just like this one. Always a soup-in-a-can (carton) skeptic, I began microwaving with caution.


With two giant Wasa crackers in hand, I dove into this simple lunch. V8, you now officially have me sold. I will never again settle for other name brand soups. You win. Not only was this soup full of flavor, it was only 100 calories a serving! I had one cup at noon and finished the other cup off at 3:45pm, after a long online lesson about decision making. (Don’t ask.) I highly recommend you pick up this soup if delicious, low-calorie foods are your thing.

In other exciting food news, Starbucks (or at least the one in my area) released their Christmas Blend coffee today. This coffee is by far my favorite. I get it EVERY SINGLE YEAR and have no problem paying the outrageous price I pay every time. This coffee has a syrupy/cedar-y taste to it (sounds gross, but I swear it’s great) and literally tastes amazing black or with cream. Although I’m a huge fan of the flavor, I have a sneaking suspicion that I covet this coffee so because of the memories attached to my first few encounters with it. Allow me to explain.

Starbucks Christmas Blend

Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee is also available to order by the cup in stores.

When I was a sophomore in college, I traveled home most weekends to visit my parents. At the time, they were building a new house, and were forced to live in the one-room apartment above their garage. This left little, to no room for me. Thankfully, our amazing neighbor Greg offered me his daughter’s old bedroom for the duration of the construction. I gladly accepted and moved what little stuff I had left behind into his home. As Thanksgiving was ending that year, I had discovered that Greg was a serious Christmas decorator. His ceiling-high Christmas tree was completely decked out and he put up the most amazing village in his dining room that grew to be my absolute favorite part of his collection. He had even put up a special WVU miniature tree in my room to make it extra cozy! It was the perfect house to come home to for the holiday break.

Occasionally on the weekends, Greg would leave the house to visit the office, allowing Mom the girl-time she needed with me. One morning, she buzzed up to visit, bringing with her the amazing, fantastic Starbucks Christmas Blend. As soon as she opened the bag, I knew this would be one of those scents I’d always associate with that first and only Christmas I lived with my neighbor. Thanks Greg!

Oh and it must be noted that our Christmas tradition lives on. Every time I’m in, I go see his tree and revisit that tiny village in which I’ve always secretly wanted to be a part of…even if that means being a 4-inch tall glass figurine.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: Having that second bowl of soup before my evening run to ensure I’d be full and focused.

5K Countdown: 19 days

2 thoughts on “Christmas Coffee

  1. Hi Bailee,
    I forwarded this article to Greg, he will be so proud! He and the cleaning ladies are decorating as i send this to you. The tree and village will be ready, all you need is the Christmas coffee!!
    See you soon!

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