Healthy Eating Plan Lifecycle

As a new member of the business world, I’m constantly learning new things about the way things operate. Sometimes I get stuck on certain topics and for the life of me can’t connect the dots. Today, I managed to relate one of these topics to an area of personal interest.

**A typical Project Lifecyle goes something like this: Idea –> Charter (or a document issued that formally authorizes the existence of a project)  –> Project Management Team  –> Statement  –> Plan  –> Baseline (time phased plan –> Progress –> Acceptance –> Approval –> Handover

Below demonstrates (with a few minor modifications) how this plan can be used for maintaining a healthier diet.

The Lifecycle of Healthy Eating

Idea: Maintenance of a healthy diet

Charter: N/A

Project Management Team: Yourself, family members, friends, and whoever else might be involved in your new effort.

Statement: Draft something in writing (a note on the fridge, or perhaps the first page in your brand new food journal) that holds you accountable for your new effort. This statement could come in the form of a mantra, a famous quote, or just something that keeps your eye on the prize. Just make sure it supports your overall goal.

Plan: Sit down and think about how you plan to stay on track. Start by tracking your usual meals in a food journal and then deconstruct your weak areas. If you are new to the world of healthy eating, refer to outside resources, such as, or try an easy to follow plan in a health magazine. Most plans include a variety of low-calorie filling options that won’t leave you feeling deprived. Plus, planning meals weekly can help save on grocery bills and will free up the time you usually spend contemplating your next meal.

Baseline: Since healthy eating should become a lifestyle, not a temporary phase, only baseline the first few weeks or months of your plan. Start off by integrating healthier options into your diet before eliminating the bad stuff. This will make the transition much easier and again, won’t make you feel like you’re on a strict diet. Your plan should have an ultimate goal, so set a deadline for your total healthy eating transformation.

Progress: This is where the food journal will come in handy. By recording your meals, you’ll easily be able to see when you slip up, what could be your “trigger foods” and can help you better gauge when you can allow a high-calorie treat.

Acceptance/Approval: All those involved in your plan agree and accept your newfound lifestyle.

Handover: Since there really isn’t a “product”, your deadline established in the baseline step would act as your handover.

Apply this basic model to any goal (work or personal) and you’ll be amazed at how on-focus you’ll stay.

In other news…

Today was yummy food day for this girl. I started my day with one egg and one egg white and an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin toasted. For a snack, I had one of my coveted Luna bars. By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving again (the downside of eating five and six times a day). So I decided to load up on veggies, a piece of cheese, and dark chocolate!


I love to get Wholly Guacamole in these packets. They are so great for dipping my veggies!

Seriously, are you seeing the size of those grapes? Let me put it in perspective for you.


I have baby hands, but this is crazy.

A coworker of mine had similarly large grapes for a snack one day and declared they were so shot up with steroids that they had stretch marks. (Juice Head Gorilla grapes?) After my usual Wednesday rendezvous with the great staff at Advantage Health & Wellness (30 minute massage, workout, AND an adjustment) I came home to whip up a modified version of Happy Kat Soup.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t willing to wait, so I whipped up this delicious Cooking Light recipe.


I added tomatoes for a sweet flavor.

AMAZING. It’s now time to finish the night with the X Factor (Go Drew & Astro!!!) and American Horror Story.

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Stretch every single day. I made the mistake of skipping my daily stretches Monday and Tuesday and now I’ve got the world’s tightest hamstrings and calves. Big mistake!

Mantra Clipart

**There are a variety of types of lifecycle models out there, but this is one that I find to be particularly easy to adjust.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Plan Lifecycle

  1. Every time I read your blog all I can think is, man I wish she was my personal trainer/nutritious! I think I would pay you to keep me motivated for my weekly workouts and plan my menus!! Everything looks so good, and healthy. 🙂

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