Disgusting Lunch

A coworker of mine was right: I did set the bar too high for my lunch today.

I (reluctantly) assembled a simple spinach, cucumber and tomato salad, tortilla wrap with string cheese, and a honeycrisp apple. Sounds great, right? NO. It was horrible. The salad was mushy and had a funky taste (PBFingers has a theory on salads not tasting as good when made at home and I agree), the tortilla/cheese wrap tasted like feet and then even worse after I tried to fix it with spinach and cherry tomatoes, and the honeycrisp had a big, fat, mushy rotten spot. GAGGGGGG. I really hate to be dramatic, but it was the worst lunch on record.Luckily, I keep a stash of dark chocolate and rice cakes at my desk for emergencies. Oh, and I had a Clementine leftover from Monday. (I didn’t feel the need to photograph this lunch, since it appeared to be well-balanced and delicious. I don’t support false advertising.)

Has anyone else had a total lunch fail like this before?

Overwhelming nausea aside, the past few days have been pretty exciting for Cat Hair in my Coffee. First off, on Sunday, I took the plunge and created a Twitter account for the blog. I am a huge fan of Twitter, but didn’t want to create an account specifically for the blog until I knew I could get a few readers.

Online Rag

To his credit, Cat Hair in my Coffee would never have evolved from Living Well had it not been for Alex. Read the story here.

Anyway, if you have Twitter and would like to follow Cat Hair in my Coffee or would like to refer this blog to someone, follow me @cathaircoffee. I still have the Facebook page, but it doesn’t seem to get a lot of diversity. This is where I hope Twitter can fill in the gaps.

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Today’s tip comes in the form of a quote I found while Bible dipping in The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book: “Judge your success by the degree that you’re enjoying peace, health, and love.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget that what you do outside of work and school is just as important.