So Much Food

Yesterday, I stuffed myself silly. I started off the day at the wonderful Terra Café, located right across from the playground at the Star City playground. Our Girls on the Run 5K meeting was held there and I was anxious to try out their food, since I never seen to catch the place when they are open. I ordered their Mediterranean wrap with a side of hummus and a cup of coffee.  It was absolutely delicious. I’m hoping to sneak back some time to try their chocolate covered bananas. Mmmm! Food aside, this place had a wonderful atmosphere and seemed perfect for a study group or any kind of meeting. I highly recommend a visit.

After that I ran out to Christmas shop and wound up getting myself a pair of shoes instead. Very productive. After that, I rushed home to get ready to meet Brianna for dinner and frozen yogurt. We decided to go to the wonderful Kenyan Café again and got their delicious ugali with kale and cabbage. After devouring our food and dishing on our latest happenings, it was time to go to the last stop on my Sunday culinary tour of Morgantown: Naticakes! We popped over around 8 p.m., so we didn’t get to chat with the owner Nicole, but we did manage to stuff our bellies full. She went with the peach mango tart, while I slammed my cup full of peanut butter and dulce de leche. Of course I topped it off with my usual combination of Butterfinger bits, Heath Bar chunks, and granola. Oh and a Reese Cup chunk. I’m not a fatty or anything.



After all of that eating out my wallet and my belly could use a break. That being said, I highly recommend all of the places I visited today. You can’t go wrong with a hummus, kale and frozen yogurt!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Mental health is just as important, so turn off the television and pick up that book you’ve been putting off reading. You’ll not only help maintain your mental health, but studies have found a correlation between those who read more and those who make more of an effort to stay in shape.