What Snow?

I’m a huge fan of winter. I love the drinks, the clothes and the feeling of coziness when I’m home watching movies while the snow pours out of the sky. However, this winter has consisted mostly of rainy days and temperatures ranging anywhere from 30 degrees to…

Jan 7 temp

Oh, did I mention that I DON’T LIVE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA? January and February are supposed to be the months where WV sees major snowfall. We’re supposed to experience stuff like this:

DSC_0146    DSC_0155

What happens when Bailee sees stuff like that above?


She busts out her earmuffs and becomes Mrs. HappyPants. But this winter has been different. We’ve experienced one decent snow, at best and the forecast just keeps predicting sunshine. Now I realize that I’m in the minority about this one. Most people are thrilled not to be freezing their buns off this winter, but I’m just not feeling it. To put it in perspective for all of you summer folks, imagine a summer with temps reaching a high of 50 and a whole lotta rain. That’s what my winter feels like.

But hey, what can I do?

Arrow Cat Hair

Cat Hair From Grace

Let’s just say I’m listening to my morning sign and scrapping this winter up to a Cat Hair in my Coffee moment. I think I’ll find the positive in the lack of snow by reinstating my Rail Trail runs.

What do you like best (or least) about winter?

2 thoughts on “What Snow?

  1. Snow! I haven’t seen snow is so long I miss it. I live in Los Angeles and its been 80 degrees all this week. It feels like summer than winter, people are dressed up in the summer outfits.

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