My First WIAW

As previously mentioned, I’ve been following quite a few blogs. On several of these blogs, I’ve been spotting a trend created by the author of the blog Peas and Crayons. Here’s a little information on the neat-o trend:

“What-I-Ate blogs are taking over the internet.  The little voyeur in all of us gets pretty darn curious sometimes… I mean, we obviously see what we eat ever second of every day… but what on earth does everyone else put in their faces?  So as a Registered Dietitian in-the-making, a former vegetarian, and a current whole food eating nutrition nut, I decided to give you a little weekly peek at my eats for an entire day.  The good, the odd, and the she-ate-WHAT!? — it’s all there!

What I Ate Wednesday has been a fabulous way for me to reflect on my eating habits and spot out patterns, slip-ups, and successes!  Looking back at a full day of eats has benefited my healthy eating goals so much, that I wanted to share the love by making it into a blog link party for everyone to join in on!  Helloooo virtual pot-luck!

What started as a once-a-week food diary has now turned into a bloggy social event every Wednesday! I’ve met so many fabulous new bloggers from WIAW and love getting meal inspiration from everyone’s posts!  It’s also been a great tool for shaking up a food rut + finding new, exciting ways to eat your favorite foods!  Without WIAW I might not of realized that PB+J quesadillas and uber green smoothies with spinach were absolutely amazing together.  If it all seems like a crazy hot mess to you, don’t stress it – life is supposed to be a little nutty =)

Want to join in on the fun?

I’d love to see a day in the life of you! Meals, snacks, drinks – all that good stuff!  Don’t stress it if you forget to photograph your snacks or even forget an entire meal until long after the plate has been licked clean… just post the rest of the goodies!

Simply photograph a day of meals any day of the week and create your What I Ate Wednesday post to link up on any (and every!) Wednesday you choose.  What I Ate [Last] Wednesday posts are popular and so are Monday and Tuesday eats! ❤  You can title it whatever you’d like and get as creative as your heart desires.  Make sure you add the WIAW button to your post [this will allow your readers to join in on the fun!] Now get your party pants on and join us every Wednesday for a fun food diary party!”

Although I can’t say that I photograph everything I eat, I do manage to snap a few pics of my food.

Sidebar: I have a great camera sitting at home that I used to use constantly…until the lense broke, I grew too lazy to take it in and had to resort to using my loud, low-quality Kodak. Now I just snap the occasional photo and count down the days until I can muster the courage to dump money into repairing my lense (or until I get a new phone with a great camera in April).

All of this being said, I’d like to formally begin participating in WIAWs and I’d like to start today.


NOT PICTURED – 1 bowl of overnight oats with strawberries, flax seed, almond milk, and Splenda. I can’t stomach cold oats, so I heat it up in the microwave. Maybe I’ll get there someday.


¾ cup of brown rice mixed with ¾ cup of cooked spinach with garlic salt, ¼ cucumber, sliced, with rice vinegar and a little Splenda, and sliced kiwi with 4 strawberries


1 cup of plain Greek yogurt mixed with a handful of blueberries and three strawberries (pinch of Splenda)


a pesto quesadilla with some chips and queso dip from Black Bear Burritos

Minus the beer.

Yes I realize I used Splenda on three different occasions today, but I’m trying to use the remainder of my bag so I can switch to Truvia. Oh and does anyone else think that brown flax seeds look like ticks? I was going to post a picture of a tick, but I made myself nauseas looking up pictures of them.

My Healthy Choice of the Day: Opting for a run, despite having quesadilla belly!

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