I’m a Walking Fiona Apple Song

Ok, so maybe I haven’t been careless with a delicate man, but I certainly have been downright negligent with my blog.  So, let me apologize for being two weeks into WIAW and already missing one. To my defense, I’ve been busier than I have been in ages. Anyway, allow me to update you on my recent successes.

I Completed my January Running Goal

Some of you may remember when I posted my New Year’s Resolution 6 month goal set a few weeks back.

By the end of January…

  •          Be back to running 3-4 times per week (3 miles per run)
  •          Meditate at least 2 days per week for 10 minutes per session

Well, I can report that I have completed the first goal on my list. Unfortunately, my meditation has fallen by the wayside. Not to worry! I’ll be tacking that on to February’s goals and hope to have a better report soon.

I Reached My Monthly Mileage Goal

To keep me on track, I try to set up a mileage goal each month. Sometimes I give myself 5 weeks and other times I try to do it in less. This month, I wanted to have 160 miles logged by February 1st, 2012. I planned this goal really well and only had to do a quick 2.5 mile run yesterday to succeed.

My Back Doesn’t Bother Me Anymore

My final success of the month is the fact that I am back pain-free now. With my weekly stretches and low back strength exercises, I can say that I have significantly reduced the pinching pain in my low back. Now that I know how to treat my pain, I can stay on top of it by keeping everything loosened up.

Ok, update complete. I’ll leave you with a funny radio anecdote and a Healthy Tip of the Day.

While listening to the radio this morning, the country music song “What Hurts the Most” came on. Once the song was finished, the DJ came on air and said, “What hurts the most. Huh. Well I can top that. Try stepping on a Lego with your bare foot.” So true…

Stepping on a Lego block rage

Healthy Tip of the Day: Try not to look at skipping dessert as a sacrifice. Instead, view it as an accomplishment. I choose not to eat this dessert, because I choose to be healthier. Also, avoid stepping on a Lego.