WIAW: A Whole Lot of Vitamins

When I was in college, I would never get sick. I was always heading to and from class and would usually only be confined in a space with people for 50 minute intervals. Now that I work in an office, the game has completely changed. It only takes one person getting a tiny cold to bring down the crew, despite the multiple bottles of hand sanitizer stationed around the building.

So I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Yes, someone at work recently caught a cold and yes I am 35-45% sure I have contracted some form of this as well. I noticed on my (first ever) group run yesterday that my lungs were having trouble adjusting to the cooler air. At first I blamed my indoor running habit for the past few months, but when I got home, I couldn’t shake the cough. This morning I woke up feeling sort of fuzzy in the head and, you guessed it, sore in the throat. Awesome. So what did I eat this Wednesday? Seven bottles of Gummy Vitamins.


Oatmeal to warm my throat. I finally switched to Stevia and absolutely love it.


My usual mid-morning yogurt (sans the berries)


Erin Brokovich soup – AKA Chemical Leak soup. It’s basically Progresso Lentil soup with Goldfish floating around in it, but I like to keep my food interesting.


More Goldfish! I love the one’s with the pretzel goldfish.


Squash and Spinach Parmesan

Running Update: Although I fell WAY behind with my mileage, I am proud to share that I have started increasing my distance with much ease. Yesterday I ran 3.6 miles outside and today I ran another 3.6. My current Running to Rome mileage status is 193.7 miles. 271.3 left to go!

2 thoughts on “WIAW: A Whole Lot of Vitamins

  1. Sorry you’re sick. I love your meal names. Good luck with your mileage. I run, too and am coming back from an injury and slowly building my mileage back up. It feels so good to see bigger mileage numbers – keep up the good work!

    Visiting from WIAW, Nice to meet you!

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