Three Things Thursday: Total Mood Boosters

Today I spotted a cute little blogging trend: Three Things Thursday! Although similar to Five Things Friday, this was the first I’d heard of this. I’m not sure if there are guidelines like WIAW, but if I understand it correctly, you pick a theme and list three (or five, depending on your day of the week preference) and post about them. So since Fridays are sometimes busy for me, I’ll try out Three Things Thursday.

Three Things Thursday: Total Mood Boosters

1. First sip of a dirty chai latte. This may have something to do with the caffeine, but I swear there’s something about the exotic flavors of this drink that just lift my spirits.

2. Walking by a window or mirror that slims you. I have my days where I feel like a total load, so it’s refreshing and uplifting to catch a glance of myself looking (even if deceptively) smaller than I feel. This also applies to candid photos that make you look GREAT.

3. When Alex takes a bite of my cooking and says “Mmm.” Sometimes I’ll get brave and make something a little more complicated, so when I realize its edible, my confidence escalates to Giada De Laurentiis status.

Ok, your turn. What are three things that totally boost your mood?

Also, I’d love some feedback on the logo. Just trying it out!