Chocolate Cave In

This weekend I gave in to my chocolate craving. Well, actually it wasn’t because of a craving, but more as a favor. (Yes, chocolate consumption can be considered a favor to some people.) Anyway, Alex and I were at dinner and his favorite Heath Bar cheesecake was being offered for dessert. Of course we HAD to get a slice, which meant I’d be eating both chocolate AND candy. Normally I’d resist, but I couldn’t let him eat the entire piece by himself! The best part about the cake: the Heath Bar crust. Yummmm.

This is the closest picture I could find

Breaking my Lent promise aside, I have been keeping up with my running. Today I logged 3.2 miles, but did suffer some major shin splints. So tomorrow I plan to do some recovery stretches and hopefully can get back to a solid ab routine. I’m thinking of trying this set of ab workouts. Some of the exercises include The Teaser, which I find to be super hard, and The Wood Chopper, which I LOVE. Aside from that, I’m hoping to start packing more protein into my meals and less of the junky carbs I’ve been indulging in. I think the warm weather and Tuesday group runs is really motivating me!

Oh and it is super sad that I’ve started re-reading all of Julie’s posts on PBFingers?

My Healthy Tip of the Day Brought to You By the Mayo Clinic: Cut back on ketchup, mustard, sauces and pickles if you need to control sodium. Also, skip salted french fries, chips, ham, sausage, bacon and cheese.