Driving for Ice Cream

A few weeks ago, I heard about this amazing ice cream called Arctic Zero, via Katie from Peace, Love & Oats. The whole kicker to this brand was that it only had 150 calories per pint of ice cream. You read that correctly. 150 calories per pint. That’s out of control considering a pint of Ben and Jerry’s can be upwards of 900 calories. I jumped over to Google and did a quick search of the product. I found that the closest store to me that sold it was just north of Washington, PA, which was about 50 minutes away.


As luck would have it, my friend Brianna needed to pick up a dress in the same area and had invited me along for a quick trip on Friday. I told her about the ice cream and she immediately jumped at the idea of stopping for a few pints. We loaded up her cooler and headed north in search of this low-calorie treat.

The whole food store that sold it was called Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and had an amazing selection of goodies. While there, I also came across PB2, which is another product I heard about in the blogosphere. I grabbed a jar of it, two pints of ice cream and headed back south to the Tanger Outlets to find a belt for Brianna.

Brianna and Bailee 150 Calorie Ice Cream

After the trip I realized how pathetic I was to have walked away from our shopping with peanut butter and ice cream. I also realized that I’m a total load. However, despite my pathetic purchases, I did have a fun time catching up with my friend. (Plus the ice cream is actually really good!)

So if you live in the Washington, PA area, I highly recommend you head north to the McMurray area and visit the Sunny Bridge Natural Foods store.

My Healthy Tip of the Day: If you’re a huge ice cream lover, try switching to a frozen yogurt. You’ll be saving yourself some major calories without sacrificing taste.