I Have Issues

Well this Easter weekend came and went almost as quickly as my cavity-free teeth did. On Saturday, I decided not to wait until sun down to indulge in some major chocolate gorging and ended up making myself sick in a matter of 30 minutes. I recuperated just in time for dinner, which was followed by another round of indulgence. (Hello, brownies with peanut butter chips.)  When Sunday morning came, I knew I’d have to refrain from starting off the day with another pound of chocolate, so I did…until the car ride home. I hit the dark chocolate eggs harder than [insert inappropriate Chris Brown/Ike Turner joke here]. By the time I got home and settled, I was four slices of pizza in (got home late and didn’t want to cook) and looked like I should be fully dilated. Ayi-yi.

Fast forward to this morning when I arrived at work to find my wonderful coworker/friend had put together an AMAZING Easter bowl for me. Good. Lord. So, starting this evening, I am going to be on my best behavior. I am going to eat my veggies and do my push-ups. I am going to drink lots of water and stretch properly for my LONG run tomorrow. I’m thinking 4-5 miles is a must to work off these sugar buns.

Have you ever indulged to the point of sickness?

To my defense, I have always maintained that I have a chocolate problem. I do not try to hide it and I am not ashamed. Some people run to live, but I run to eat. No shame here.

aww yea candy - Best Of The Awwwww Yeah! Meme.

Oh and sorry for the lack of Three Things Thursday last week; I was preparing for my trip to Kentucky to visit my family. Congratulations again to the University of Kentucky for their big win last week. Much like West Virginia, you can’t walk into a restaurant or store without seeing a sea of university colors. I think it’s one of the many reasons why, although a Mountaineer, I do have a little blue blood in my veins.

Had to do it. Made me laugh too hard not to.

Hope you enjoyed your Monday!

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