WIAW: Breakfast

Before I tell you about the food I’ve consumed, I’d like to share something that I’ve noticed for quite a while now. I’d like to first preface this by saying that I am in no way against marriage, engagement, weddings, etc. I think it’s awesome that people want to celebrate their union and I encourage everyone to believe, “To each his own.” However, I’ve been recently observing women all of ages identify themselves with their marital status. For instance, on Twitter, I saw at least two random profiles that put “fiancé” at the top of their About Me section. Again, to each his own, but how does this define someone? (The same could easily apply to men!) Also, rumors of my supposed engagement have been flying rampantly in the past few months and the reaction when I tell each person that I’m not is exactly the same:

Person: Are you engaged?!? [Looks at my hand.]

Me: Oh, no I’m actually not. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately though.

Person: [Disappointed tone] Oh. So…what else is new?

Me: Well I am in a relationship.

Person: Uh huh. So how are your cats?

Me: They’re great. I mean, we’ve been together for four years. That’s a long time! Longer than some marriages!

Person: Uh huh.

Never mind the fact that I work full time, live on my own and own my own yacht. (That’s a lie.)

I kid you not; this is the reaction. It’s unintentional, I’m sure, but it’s almost like when you’re in college and you find out all of your friends are pledging and you aren’t. You’re out of the club. Anyway, I guess this is the take away:

Don’t let a ring define you or your relationship. If you’re engaged or planning on it, that’s wonderful. Show off that hunk of metal and be proud. Just don’t let it define you. Your significant other should be a huge part of your life, if that’s what you want, but it shouldn’t be everything.


Breakfast: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oats


Snack: Banana


Lunch: Cucumber slices with hummus and a leftover Easter egg!


Snack: A pink lady with cereal and almonds


Easter Basket!


Dinner: (NOT PICTURED) Italian eggs with two pieces of toast and a whole lotta Honey Bunches of Oats

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