TTT: National Grilled Cheese Day

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, here are my three favorite grilled cheese sandwiches:

1. Classic. Two slices of bread with one (or two) slice of Kraft American cheese. You can’t go wrong. Serve with chips, a pickle or tomato soup. Yum!!

This commercial made my mouth water EVERY time.

2. Fancy. I once had a pesto and tomato grilled cheese and loved it just as much as the classic version.

3. Memory-filled. Thick, crusty bread with mozzarella cheese. When I was little, I would stay with our neighbors in the summer while my parents were at work. They lived in this super old house on a big farm with tons of animals. Heaven, right? They were very earthy and actually chose not to have running water or electricity. It was at this house that I think I grew to appreciate the simple luxuries in life. Anyway, I distinctly remember eating a thick grilled cheese at their house with white, melty mozzarella cheese and a Pepsi on the side. I loved going to that house.

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