TTT: Things I Won’t Drink


Tomato Juice. I’ve never tried it and probably never will, even though everyone I know loves Bloody Marys. Tough!

Red Bull. When I was younger, I was introduced to the Jager Bomb. This “classic” bar favorite was something I assumed would taste great and make me feel even better. WRONG. After that retched substance (the Jager) finally left my body the next day, I vowed never to touch the stuff again. A few weeks later, a friend of mine popped open a Red Bull, nearly sending me to a nearby bush. It was then I realized that Red Bull was the culprit that made me horrendously ill…well that and forever the smell of wing sauce.

Mellow Yellow. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent most of my youth watching my uncle spit his tobacco into a Mellow Yellow bottle that made me want to vomit at the sight of this pee colored drink, or maybe it was the actual fact that it was a pee colored drink. Whatever the reason, this drink has never touched my lips, nor do I ever plan on letting it. I’m sorry if some of you out there are a fan, but this stuff makes me cringe!

I apologize if any of these drinks are a personal favorite of yours.

In other news, I arrived home after my run to find that my Stella & Dot earrings had arrived!!




Hooray! I’ve had my eye on these bad boys for quite some time!

Before I wrap things up, let me ask you: Are there any drinks you refuse to touch?

My Healthy Tip of the Day: If you can’t face doing 30 minutes exercise a day, break it down into 3 ten-minute bursts.

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