New Drinking Game

I think I’m going to encourage everyone to start doing a shot every time I miss a Running to Rome goal. Once again I’m about 20 miles shy of where I needed to be for the beginning of May. I could blame the fact that I moved last week, or I could own up to my own lack of planning. So this is me owning up.

In other, more successful news, I’m unpacked, have a bed frame for the spare room on the way, and have two very settled girls waiting for me every day when I get home. As some of you may or may not have known, I recently had to move into a pet-friendly apartment complex to accommodate my fuzzy roommates. The place is twice the size of my last and has a washer/dryer! I can finally stop going to the carwash for change every other week! The only hiccup I seem to be encountering in the new place is its lack of decoration (and my lack of motivation). You see, I was encouraged to avoid putting holes in the walls for pictures and such due to the complex’s weird patch fee. (I feel like its $25 per wall they have to patch!) Luckily I have a ton of those little plastic hooks that actually support quite a bit of weight. Now I just have to settle on a couch cover color and then I’m on my way to surfing Pinterest for ideas.

What’s a good color for a beige and peach living room?

The couch I have now is blue and cream, which Alex seems to like; however I despise the plaid-ish pattern. Here are some options:


I think a beige or light brown would be cute too, but I would definitely need tons of accent pillows.

Anyway, tomorrow I start back to running club, which I’m welcoming with open arms. I’m hoping I can do at least 4 miles to leave me with only an extra 16 to catch up on. Here’s to hoping!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: I recently saw a bumper sticker on Pinterest that I thought would be a perfect reminder for my fresh start back to running.

That ice cream does look killer though…

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