Trends That Need to Go

After meeting Brianna and her boyfriend Matt at Naticakes yesterday evening, we started talking about some of the worst fashion trends. Well, Brianna and I talked about them and Matt just agreed with how nasty high-waisted shorts make ladies’ bums look.  Anyway, here is a short list of some of the worst trends we’ve been spotting.

High-Waisted Shorts

Harem Pants (Call em what you want, but everyone knows these are for Hammer Time only.)

Stone Washed Jeans

Now here are a few things I’ve seen recently that make me cringe.

Sausage Jeans (Jeans that are just too tight)

khloe kardashian in red hot jeans

Yep. You’re seeing what I’m seeing.

Tights as Pants. Yes, I am still seeing this trend around town.

And finally, one for the fellas. The Deep V Neck.

Let me know what trends give you the willies!

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