In the June issue of Women’s Health magazine, I found a great article called “Your Body on Meditation”. WHM has done this type of article before, my personal favorite being the one about running, but I thought this was too cool not to share.

Brain: Research shows that meditation can increase alpha and theta brainwave activity, which is linked to relaxation. What’s more, practicing meditation every day for two months can beef up some parts of your gray matter!

Mood: Slipping into a meditative state can light up the area of your noggin that controls complex thoughts and positive emotions. Some kinds of meditation can also build mental muscle in the brain’s other hubs for compassion, empathy, and fear, allowing you greater mastery over your emotions and helping you feel closer to others.

Willpower: It sounds too good to be true, but practicing daily meditation can lower your blood sugar levels (high ones can lead to diabetes) and may cut cravings for salty foods.

For the full article, be sure to pick up your copy of Women’s Health Magazine today!

In other news, it’s hotter than HECK outside! I mean every year  I get ready for it, and every year, I’m still surprised when I’m slowly melting while running on the trail. The only good thing is that it makes me push myself a little harder so I’m sprinting through the un-shaded areas!

What do you think is harder: summer or winter running?

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