Rice Works

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge SNACKER. Yum. If there is a box of cereal anywhere in my general vicinity, you’d better believe my hand will be jammed so far into it you’d think it was an appendage. Since I hadn’t been to the store in the last few days, I had to bum a can of soup from a coworker, who was glad to provide me a delicious lunch. This soup filled me up and filled me up right; however I needed an afternoon pick-me-up a few hours later. That’s when I decided on my new favorite treat.

Oh god, yes. These things are so delicious. Although higher in calories than Pop Chips, trust me when I proclaim their yumminess. After devouring all 180 calories of this tiny snack pack, I started on my second giant serving of water. I picked up this fabulous water bottle last week at the grocery store when I was killing time waiting for the pharmacy to open. My last few water bottles haven’t fared so well, so here’s to hoping this little guy’s life is long and prosperous.

Cool Off

Mine is hot pink!

Best thing about this product (besides making me look totally adventurous with that little carabiner hook): it’s eco friendly! The straw’s texture sort of creeps me out (think calamari), but other than that, it’s perfect! Did I mention it matches my lunchbox? 🙂

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Pre-package healthy snacks to keep on hand for those hunger rage moments. Try keeping pre-measured bags of healthy cereal, raw nuts or just your favorite healthy brand of granola bar in your purse, at your desk or wherever you think you might need them. I personally love Kashi brand granola bars and could eat my own body weight in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Emerald Nuts.