My First Mammal Free Monday

Last week I alluded to the fact that I would be trying a new meat and dairy free diet every Monday to jump start my week. Today marked the first of this once-weekly venture. I started off my morning with a bowl of Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs with a cup of almond milk and one half of a sandwich thin, topped with some yummy almond butter. This breakfast wasn’t actually much different from what I eat every day since I abstain from cow’s milk. The almond butter was a perfect way to beef up this breakfast so I stayed fuller throughout my morning.


My mid-morning snack was a gradual grazing of almonds and cranberries, combined with massive amounts of British tea. I started off with an Irish Breakfast tea and continued my day with a mix of my yummy Vanilla Caramel Truffle and Lady Grey. (Did I mention my Mondays will be caffeine free?) By the time lunch rolled around, I had worked up a serious appetite. I mixed together some premade peas and quinoa that I had prepared. I saved a little of the quinoa so I could have a snack later. I also munched on some cucumber slices and red and green peppers.

For dinner I decided to attempt to make the yamburgers recipe that I found, however I had to do so with a white bean, rather than a black bean. I sliced up some avocado and used a little hummus as a spread for this yummy dinner. I think my favorite thing about vegetable-based burgers is that they are not meant to remind you of burgers. They are just an easy way to stuff some really yummy veggies into a utensil-free meal. Who could argue with that?!

All in all, I think this “vegan” Monday thing will be much easier than I anticipated. I practically avoid meat and dairy during the week anyway.

On an off subject, I’ve been noticing a TON of GOTR mention in the blogosphere and have to say I’m THRILLED this organization is getting so much recognition:

Sooo exciting! I mean I always knew what an amazing organization it was (board member boasting alert!), but the fact that so many others recognize the amazing support it can provide a young girl reminds me over and over.

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