TTT: Hairstyles


Haircut: This is sort of what my current haircut looks like (only MUCH thicker)


Now don’t get me wrong, I love this ‘do; however I wonder if I could take it up just a little to something more like what I’ve done in the past.

Now that you’ve seen one hair style, I’ll show you three more for TTT.


At the end of my Freshman year of college, I decided to cut my bangs. They were o.k., but eventually drove me crazy when they’d grow out. I discovered very quickly that I was much more suited for a side swept bang style. Look how long my hair was!


This was a cut I got right before Christmas in 2008. I loved this cut so much, but it got boring. I could really only style it one way and that was back when I actually washed my hair every day. Exhausting!

The Carrie

This was a really fun haircut that allowed me to just let my hair fly. (My old roommate Megan in the picture above will kill me if she every sees this.) I literally took a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker’s short haircut and had my stylist recreate it. It was basically a curly version of that tacky angled bob Kate Gosselin wore. I probably would only do this again if I really needed the convenience of not fixing it.

As you can see I’ve experimented with my hair quite a bit. (I decided you spare you from the short, short hair of 2002-03. YIKES.) What sort of hairstyles have you sported?

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