Soft Foods and Power Outages

I’ve been away from Cat Hair for quite some time now for a few reasons. First, I had a gum graft procedure on Thursday of last week and have been spending most of my spare time trying to keep this graft alive.

Sorry, gross. Anyway, I braved the world and headed to work the day after to find that I actually felt fine. When I arrived at home that evening, ready for a couch potato session, I was greeted with a massive storm front that knocked out my power for several hours. Thankfully for me, it was back on within the night, but others in West Virginia were not so fortunate. I’ve received word that some are just now starting to regain power and cell service. Poor West Virginia!

Anyway, that’s my excuse.

So, since I’ve had this surgery, I’ve been restricted to a soft food diet for two weeks. Now most of my diet actually already consists of soft foods (cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream), but I’ve been quickly learning that I’m rapidly losing the nutrients I normally get. So, my solution has been to combine quinoa with any vegetable I can puree. Two nights ago it was a spinach puree and tonight, I’m hoping for a zucchini and squash mix. It sounds sort of gross, but it’s actually pretty good. Couple this with a helping serving of Naticake’s frozen yogurt and I’m set!

Another downside to this procedure is that my activity levels are restricted. For instance, yesterday was the first day I’d actually gone out for a walk and I was literally exhausted afterwards. I walked at a brisk pace for about 50 minutes, but felt seriously winded and light headed. I know I’m supposed to take it easy, but I really needed some movement! Maybe tonight I’ll just stick to a light Yoga routine.

My Healthy Tip of the Day: If you’ve had any type of surgery, stay off your feet for the recommended amount of time. If you feel you’re ready to exercise, start off with a light walk for 10 or 15 minutes a day and then work your way forward. Pushing yourself too hard too fast is the easiest way to falter your recovery.