Veggie Couscous Mash

For lunch today I decided to recreate the veggie mash I made on Monday.


Are you seeing those veggies? I mean seriously. Best. Garden. Ever. Anyway, I went through the same, very basic steps, but this time, I used couscous. The couscous actually overcooked and turned into a sponge-like rectangle, but I think it actually made for a better glue to hold the veggies together.






After I finished, I realized this would be the perfect mix for a zucchini and squash falafel-like dish! This mix could be easily fried or baked into little balls of veggie heaven. The couscous would have be substituted for some oats and quinoa, but I think it would work.

While in the kitchen, my girls were enjoying the rare occasion where I leave the porch door open. Although it’s a million degrees out, my building is in the shade and doesn’t seem to catch as much heat as other areas.


Grace had her usual terrified expression, while her mom caught some zzzs on her pillow. Please ignore the couch. I still haven’t found a cover for it.

Ok, I’m off to get some reading done. (And by reading I mean watching Gilmore Girls on DVD.)

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Opt for veggies with a little bite to keep yourself from reaching for the salt. Onions and garlic are the best natural flavor savors I’ve found to work with. Just keep a mint handy for after dinner. Smile

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