My Nimbus

An incredibly unproductive week I’ve had! On Tuesday, I had plans to run, but didn’t follow through. On Wednesday, I thought about some Pilates, but that didn’t happen either. Luckily, I did manage to get 30 minutes in Monday and 25 minutes last night. To my defense, I still haven’t felt quite up for cardio and I did only  just get the medical glue removed from my mouth on Wednesday.

In nerdy news, my dentist recently gave me a soft bristle toothbrush for the area where the graft was placed. Easily excited, I hurried home to unwrap my new toy. As I was tearing off the plastic, I realized that I wasn’t opening just  any ordinary toothbrush; I was holding the Nimbus toothbrush! The bristles were the softest I’d ever felt and it took everything in me not to attempt a Quidditch match with it.

All joking aside, if you have sensitive or thin gums, or if you’re just a vigorous brusher, I highly recommend investing in one of these. You can either order them directly from their website or ask your dentist if they can order one for you.

That’s all I have. See what I mean about the lack of productivity?!

My Healthy Tip of the Day: Minimize red meat Substitute fish or chicken whenever you can, and when you do eat beef, mix it with whole grains and veggies in stews, stuffed tomatoes, and similar dishes. –AARP ‘Miracle Diet’