WIAW: Vacation Pie

Ok, so I didn’t have pie, but I am getting ready for my trip to Cincinnati soon! In prep for that, I’m starting to eat everything in the house that could go back (and stuff that probably won’t.)

The pizza was by far the best item. I took a large tortilla and covered it with cheese, mushrooms and sauce. So yummy!

Sorry this is a short one, but I’ve got a lot to do before my trip!

One thought on “WIAW: Vacation Pie

  1. Funny, I’m presently updating my own blog, and I thought I would title it “cat hair in my coffee”, because that’s exactly what I had today. Then, easily distracted as I am, I thought “Hm, that would make a good title for a blog” so I looked it up, and here you are!! I’m subscribing, just because. Nice title.

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