Tennis, Birthdays and a Haircut

As promised, here are the photos I snapped with my iPhone when we were at the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament. Some are better than others.

This is the route we take to walk to the courts. This is the first year it has been a clear cut path.

We had terrific seats this year!

Djokovic performing fabulously as usual. Too bad Federer spanked him in the final.

Li Na, age 30, held her own and ended up taking the prize at this tournament.

Venus Williams is a rail! Unfortunately, she wasn’t playing her best due to what we think may have been an injury.

Roger Federer taking home the prize. Such a great final!

Guess who wasn’t impressed.


All in all we had a great time. Alex even let me get a picture with him. (A rarity on Miller-Morris trips.)

Now on to the birthday. Yesterday I turned 24. Not a major accomplishment, but it’s still a birthday. I literally spent the day on the couch, being a bum, and proceeded to devour half a large Pizza Al’s pizza. (That’s part of the Cat Hair in my Coffee diet. Highly recommended post-vacation.) My fabulous Alex got me my first pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, a cat jungle for the girls and a donation in my name to one of my favorite animal rights orgs, PETA. You can’t ask for more! My parents got me a Keurig, which will inevitably rule my coffee-fueled life and my grandparents provided me with some much-needed bathroom towels. Score much?

Aviator ™ Large Metal Arista / G-15 XLT Polarized

To wrap things up, I’d like to share a photo of me with my fabulous haircut.

Ok,  so that isn’t me, but I did get this haircut and LOVE it. So far, I’ve only worn it one way, but I’m really excited to try all of these different styles. Well, that’s all that is going on with me.


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