WIAW: Soft Food Only, AGAIN

The last few weeks have been packed full. Oh and you know what else is packed full? My mouth…full of medical glue and paste. Yes, that’s right: I had another gum surgery. Last Thursday was the final (HOORAY) installment of the Bailee-Gum series. One week from Thursday, I’ll have the medical pack removed and I can finally be done with these inconvenient procedures. Enough of the gross-out. Let’s move on to food.

Just like last time, Easy Mac continually feeds my soul. Probably not the healthiest option, but I feel I can let a lot slide when I am limited to what I can and cannot eat. Another perk? Ice cream. I no longer feel guilty having ice cream for dinner when that’s pretty much all I can comfortably eat. (Hey, at least I paired it with some spinach!)

Finally, the best soft food item a girl can ask for: a homemade crab cake from Stefano’s in Morgantown. This is my all-time favorite crab cake. It’s baked, not fried, has huge chunks of crab in it and is serve with the best sauce I’ve ever had. Definitely made the gum stuff worth it!

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